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Dental Vacation

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Dental Vacation is a short-term all inclusive tour to Ukraine for a professional Dental Treatment. Get a perfect & bright smile even with a limited budget

Save 90% on Dental Care

Despite the low prices, dental care in Ukraine is an innovative, progressive, high quality & painless

All types of Dental Care

Implant, Cosmetic, Esthetic, Orthodontic, Endodontic, Pediatric, Periodontal, and Surgery Dentistry

TOP-level Dental Clinics

The best Dental Clinics & the most experienced dentists are working for your beautiful healthy smile

All-inclusive service

Luxury apartments, personal manager & driver, spa, food supply, interpreter, nightlife & local guide


DENTAL VACATION Travel Agency cooperates with TOP rated certified Dental clinics in Ukraine. Our best experienced dentists provide high quality dental care according to the most progressive & reliable techniques. The treatment is totally painless, and is provided by modern technological dental equipment.
Ukrainian dentistry isn’t supported by insurance service, that’s why it’s so cheap and the prices are correlated with real market value


the description and prices of basic dental care procedures in Ukraine


Dental Implant is an artificial biocompatible, human friendly titanium screw, which is integrated into bone to replace missing tooth root. It is essential to install dental implant, because it stops the bone loss that inevitably follows tooth loss. Dental Implant placement is a medical surgery, which requires a high level of proficiency. That’s why we recommend to install dental implants abroad only in our partner TOP-rated Dental Clinics

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Dental Braces are devices used in orthodontics to align and straighten teeth and position them for perfect person’s bite. Also, Braces are used to fix gaps between teeth. There are different types of modern braces: metal braces (so-called “traditional braces”); ceramic clear invisible braces (made of teeth-color ceramic); lingual braces (the same metal braces), which are installed on the back side of teeth


Dental Veneer is a thin ceramic shell placed over a tooth, made of pressed or zirconium porcelain, with the same mission & properties as dental crown. It requires less tooth trimming to compare with crowns. Dental Crowns typically encase the entire tooth, while veneers only cover a tooth’s front surface. To install Dental Veneers Abroad is the best way to restore your natural bright smile with 3D perfect shape, saving 90% of budget


Dental Crown is usually a porcelain or porcelain fused to metal cover or “cap”, which is bonded to the tooth using a dental cement. The crown restores the tooth size, shape, function and make it stronger, immediately look shiny and healthy. Dental Bridge is a fixed dental restoration, which is used to replace one or more missing tooth by joining an artificial tooth definitively to adjacent teeth or dental implants


Tooth Whitening (bleaching) is either the restoration of a natural tooth shade or whitening beyond the natural shade. It lightens teeth and helps to remove discoloration and stains. Optical or Laser whitening are the most progressive, safe and quick methods of teeth bleaching, as they let to lighten the teeth color in 8 shades during even the first session. Laser Whitening abroad is a perfect chance to get 3D perfect bright Hollywood smile even with a small budget


Dental restoration or white filling is used to fix problems with your teeth, to relieve pain and repair damaged surfaces of the teeth. There are few possible materials to use for tooth restoration – white composite/porcelain fillings or gold/silver amalgam. Dental filling is used either to repair small tooth damages or even to restore the tooth totally. Composite filling abroad is the best alternative to an expensive dental treatment


Endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) is a painless dental procedure used to treat infection at the root canal system. It is necessary when the nerve in tooth is injured or diseased, and is performed in order to repair the tooth and provide pain relief to the patient. The root surgery has to be performed by a professional dentist only, using Dental Operation Microscope. The damaged or dead nerve tissue will be carefully cleaned out to completely remove any lingering bacteria

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We provide the best Quality Dentistry in the Eastern Europe. We will make your smile perfect even with limited budget


Implant Dentistry87%
Cosmetic Dentistry94%


In addition to high quality dental care, DENTAL VACATION TRAVEL AGENCY provides all inclusive service to all our clients. Individual luxury accommodation, transportation, 3 times a day tasty food, personal interpreter & dental manager, spa & cosmetologic procedures are available for you during the tour

Satisfied Clients
Linda Ross

Linda Ross


The Best dental Care EVER! cheap prices. Pretty Cool all-inclusive service. Amazing luxury appartments. Thank you guys for this vacation to Ukraine

Sergio Becker

Sergio Becker


Thank you for awesome and fast reconstruction of my smile. It was very enjoyable and cheap. And the result is super

Ines Leroy

Ines Leroy


Thank you for amazing cosmetic dental tour.It was really cheap, professional and amazing!!!